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My family has lived in Scarborough for over 35 years. I attended Albert Campbell Collegiate and attended Tyndale University. I always felt strongly that since the young generation are our future, it is our duty to ensure their awareness and wellbeing and that is why I was active as a youth leader from 1997 to 2017 arranging activities, camps and other programs for youth. I am a very proud member of our community who is rooted and deeply connected to our community accordingly I have volunteered for activities such as community cleaning. Furthermore, I have volunteered for various candidates, most have been successful and now serve in public office.

Through the years that I lived in the community, I experienced firsthand the challenges and difficulties that our community faces in a daily basis and long term. Scarborough needs real change to succeed in the future. I will focus on ensuring safer streets and a safer community generally, improving the public transit system and improving community housing. Our community suffers from the lack of jobs. The infrastructure has been neglected for a long time and immediate action plan is needed. I want to be the strong voice needed to bring our concerns and issues to city council, triggering an action plan that would resolve long standing issues. We need that voice to be not only accountable but accessible at any time.

I am running to be your voice at City Hall. Our beloved Scarborough North should be the place that we all dream of. Our ward is a piece of a large jigsaw puzzle, and we must work together to achieve a better Scarborough in a better Toronto.


  • Better transit for Scarborough.

  • Free TTC rides for seniors.

  • A commitment to affordable housing.

  • Improve infrastructures.

    We must repair our roads, maintain our parks, fix our sidewalks, staff our libraries and build more recreation facilities. We can achieve our goals through fiscal responsibility, accountability and proper allocation of funds. We would ensure that high quality maintenance jobs are completed to eliminate the need to repeat repair.
  • Improved community and road safety.

  • Community Contact Policy

    must be better defined and communicated to both residences and police. This policy cannot be used to justify inappropriate behavior or actions.

Dameon Halstead

Councillor for WARD 23

Scarborough North

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